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Real Estate
We invest in real estate with future potential
Corporate Investment
in young, growth-potential companies
Management Consultancy
with high customer value
Economic research
entrepreneurial learning
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Welcome to The Baumgartner Companies Group.

We present herewith this overview about our Companies and areas of operation. If you desire additional information just send an e-mail to verwaltung@baumgartner.or.at.

The Baumgartner Companies Group is located in St. Poelten, Austria, and is managed by Josef Baumgartner and Andrea Simson. The Group's current sphere of activities incorporates the operation of real estate, corporate investment, financial investment, management consultancy and economic research.

Real Estate

Since 1992, Baumgartner Real Estates included buying, building, renovating, selling, leasing and the maintenance of real estate properties. We evaluate investments for ourselves and third party investors.

Corporate Investment

Baumgartner Group primarily selects young, growth-potential companies. Our current portfolio comprises investments in seven companies.

Financial Investment

Our effort is to continuously monitor the market and expand our investments based on a consistent, active portfolio strategy. Baumgartner invests in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, worldwide.

Management Consultancy

Baumgartner Management Consultancy was founded in 2003. It specializes in corporate strategies and medium-term planning of small to mid-size companies. The Consultancy takes into consideration distinctive and important factors (e. g., takeovers, high growth rates, liquidity pressures, financial loss consequences and reorganization options, including corporate spin offs).
In 2010 this field of business was spun off and is now operated in a seperate company - ArboriCon GmbH (www.arboricon.com)

Economic research

Our range of research encompasses entrepreneurial learning/knowledge based on critical and actual experiences, as well as the phenomenon of multiple foundations by a single person.
Currently we are preparing an empirical analysis, in cooperation with the Vienna University for Business and Economics, involving actual case studies of multiple foundations. The primary objective of this examination is to determine what entrepreneurs really learn from critical situations they encounter and how this affects future pursuits, activities and decision-making. If you are interested to participate in our data collection process, and if you have created at least two companies please contact us.

General Contact

Baumgartner Verwaltungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Kremser Landstrasse 2
3100 St. Poelten
Telephone: +43 (2742) 36 21 24-0
Fax:+43 (2742) 36 21 24-03